Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Generate Ideas for Another Draft by Choosing Issues that Matter to Us - Section 3: Closing


Working on student questioning is one of my goals this year. Depending on the assignment, the majority of students are using level 2 questions according to the Depths of Knowledge chart. They came in using level 1 questions, so I am happy with their independent growth. Level 1 questions are appropriate to use sometimes, but I want them to raise their level of questioning throughout our writing units. 

  Reflection on Students' Questioning
  Student Led Inquiry: Reflection on Students' Questioning
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Generate Ideas for Another Draft by Choosing Issues that Matter to Us

Unit 4: Research Essay
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT generate ideas for their research essay by coming up with an essential question based on a topic of their choice.

Big Idea: Research your Issues!

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