Reflection: Continuous Assessment Presentation Day! Sharing What We Learned - Section 4: Closing the Loop


My students are not versed in speaking publicly and thus they got an array of "disabilities" from fits of giggliness, to staring at their feet, to stuttering or rushing their speeches, to going off on tangents or storytelling that confused their audiences. To address these I kept a journal of student needs and had the ones who were stronger practice with those who were weaker so that they could model their skills. I also had my strugglers practice much more often and to a vast array of crowds - even sent one group to the secretaries to practice! The more often they said their speech the less anxious they became. I also contacted my parents and asked them to sit in the hallway and listen to students speak whenever they could come by - threw off my schedule but well worth it.     

  How to Build Student Confidence
  Continuous Assessment: How to Build Student Confidence
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Presentation Day! Sharing What We Learned

Unit 9: Step-By-Step to Producing Amazing Research Presentations!
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Objective: SWBAT...present their researched information orally to an audience following the protocols of a rubric .

Big Idea: Speaking and listening are two ways we share and learn information!

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