Reflection: Standards Alignment Functions Unit Assessment - Section 1: Test Rationale


This assessment seemed to reflect good student understanding of both the skills and concepts. In terms of the key ideas from the unit:

1) Students did well on the transformations.  Their explanations on question #22 showed a good depth of knowledge understanding the difference between horizontal and vertical shifts.

2) Students also did well with understanding the definition of a function in general.  They were able to find the domain and range of a function without any issue.  Students were also able to evaluate functions for various values of x.

3) Students also did well with graphing piecewise functions.  During the unit, students struggled with what to do with the x value that both functions "shared" in a piecewise function and this did not turn out to be an issue on the assessment.

The biggest issue across the board was students being able to determine the intervals where a function is increasing or decreasing.  Students wanted to list y-values in the interval as opposed to x-values.  This could be because when you think of "something" decreasing you would say where it started and where it decreased to (the y-values) not the associated x-values.  This was a concept that we need to continue to revisit in the linear functions unit.

  Unit Test-Reflection
  Standards Alignment: Unit Test-Reflection
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Functions Unit Assessment

Unit 1: Functions
Lesson 18 of 18

Objective: SWBAT evaluate functions, define functions, and understand information about functions.

Big Idea: Now is the chance to show off what you know about functions.

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