Reflection: Station Rotation Geometry Review: Creating a Stations Review - Section 1: Setting Up a Review in Stations



Stations are an instructional tool that I use in my teaching.  I think that in order to really make stations function as a beneficial use of instructional time the teacher has to set up clear expectations of what the students should be doing within their group.  Although my students really enjoy going from station to station, sometimes it is difficult to keep them focused on what they need to be doing. 

During a stations activity, I often stop the class and put attention back on me to remind them of what their expectations are during this time.  At the beginning of the year I had to do this several times.  As I progress through the year, the students are becoming more independent and can handle working with a small group unsupervised.  I definitely recommend being patient with setting up small group time in the classroom.  It is not something that happens overnight.

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Geometry Review: Creating a Stations Review

Unit 7: Geometry
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Objective: The students will be able to show and explain their knowledge of fifth grade geometry concepts.

Big Idea: Round and round we go… to review geometry!

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