Reflection: Pre-Tests Pretesting The Multiplication Unit - Section 2: Ready, Set, Pretest


I was happy to see about three students that used a KWS strategy to solve the word problems. This sample of student work is one of the lowest. As I examine Test A- (Below Grade Level Achieveing) I am puzzled by this student's thinking and lack of number sense. I know I need to focus on more number sense in my teaching. CCSS will strengthen that because of forcing students to think about the "why." Lessons will be designed to fit the standards.  Despite the test inadequacy of measuring if the standards had been met, one student just delighted me with his diligence to solve a problem using arrays! He worked so hard! "Using a past strategy!", shows student perseverance.  I really praised his efforts and he was just beaming. Strategy use in this unit is extremely important and I will adhere to making sure place value language is being verbally demonstrated in order to master the standard that expects 4th graders to be fluent in place value understanding.

My thoughts on the pretest.

From all of the results, again word problems are in the forefront of being the weakest area. Most of my students show difficulty solving them. There will be several lessons designed to help strengthen and master the standard. Lessons with specific solving strategies, vocabulary, writing explanations, area model practice and instruction on how to set up equations so that the problem is understood will be a part of this unit as I work to re write the unit to fit CCSS exactly.

  Pre-Tests: Instruction Dictated By Results
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Pretesting The Multiplication Unit

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
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Objective: SWBAT show what they already know about multiplication prior to delving into the multiplication unit.

Big Idea: Students take a pretest designed to measure what they know about multiplication and word problems involving multiplication.

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