Reflection: Real World Applications Researching Our Class Culture: Argentina - Section 2: Researching Independently


Students were very excited to visit the media center and select their own resources.  The process of gradually releasing ownership of learning to students by allowing independent research proved meaningful to students.  I often explain to students that learning a new skill is just like riding a bike with training wheels.  Relating this prior experience to a complex process like research lets students know that it takes time to learn and that is okay.  I am there to guide them for as long as they need me.  But one day, the training wheels will be removed and they will ride on their own.  Once students experience the success of completing tasks independently, they develop positive self-concept and assurance that they can scaffold to the next challenge. As shown in the video clip, a student is able to conduct a search on their laptop to find facts about Argentina independently.  

  Real World Applications: Independent Research
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Researching Our Class Culture: Argentina

Unit 4: A World of Difference
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT gather relevant information about a topic.

Big Idea: How do students take ownership of their learning ?

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