Reflection: Rigor Bank Teller & Representing Numbers Part 1 - Section 3: Guided Practice


After teaching this lesson, I realized that the laminated poster papers took away from the rigor in this lesson! If students didn't have to take so much time wiping and drying their posters, they would have more time to complete higher level tasks!

Tomorrow, we will continue this lesson. Instead of using the large laminated papers, I will print the Process Grid Labels for each pair of students. Then I'll place each sheet in page protectors so that students can still create their own process grids, but they'll be able to use their dry-erase markers to erase when needed! 

  Rigor: Reflection
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Bank Teller & Representing Numbers Part 1

Unit 4: Place Value
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT represent the value of a number in multiple ways.

Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.

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