Reflection: Homework Slap To Check: small group instruction to help learn Check for Understanding Reading Strategy - Section 4: What Happened When you Checked?


At the end of the lesson I realized that students really needed to go back and practice on their own reading book. I like to the ole "trick by opposite." I tell the kids how wonderful it would be if they went home tonight and practiced, and WOW wouldn't be even better if they showed their parents or family member how they can Check for Understanding. Of course I then say that no one would try that. Today all six immediately disagreed with me. So I offered them a challenge, to read tonight and practice the Check for Understanding, "Slap Check." Then for double challenge, they could teach someone how and why they do it. 

I do not give extra credit, but I have rewards and mini-certificates to hand out if they complete the challenge.

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Slap To Check: small group instruction to help learn Check for Understanding Reading Strategy

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate the Check for Understanding strategy to help them with reading comprehension.

Big Idea: Sometimes the lessons on strategies taught to the whole class are not enough. During Daily 5, or Reading Intervention, I can pull a reading strategy group to help specific students learn and practice a needed strategy for reading.

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