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Students love using the whiteboards.  They are a great tool that can give immediate feedback in terms of how the class is progressing.  The downside to whiteboards is that typically all members of the class need to be working at the same pace.  Since I have a class that includes some students with disabilities, I provided those students with the slides from this powerpoint so that they could work at their own pace.  They only completed two of the functions in the time that everyone else completed four, but they did good quality work.

Oftentimes, the biggest struggle for students is what to do with the input value at the transition from one definition to another in the function.  For example, if the function is defined by expression #1 on the interval x<3 and expression #2 on the interval x>=3, students try to use 2 as the greatest input value for the first leg of the function.  I know that this stems from students discomfort with rational numbers. I address this by having students use that common point in the tables for both expression #1 and #2, but use an open circle for the output from expression #1 at x = 3.   

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  Accountability: Guided Practice-Reflection
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More with Piecewise Functions

Unit 1: Functions
Lesson 12 of 18

Objective: SWBAT graph a piecewise function and an absolute value function.

Big Idea: Understanding the domain of a piecewise function is essential to being able to graph it.

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