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During this portion of the lesson I allowed students to work within their groups to discuss the creation of the table and graph.  When beginning new concepts it is important to allow students time to reason through things with their peers.  If they are talking about the math, they are going to be deepening their understanding of it.  However, I did have each student create their own table and graph.  As the students are discussing things with their group it is important that they make a connection with the material by creating their own product.  In this example, students were able to discuss the creation process but also were required to create.  Students make connections to content in many ways but we need to give them multiple ways to make those connections. 

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  Accountability: You Can Do It Too!
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Graphing: Input VS Output

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 19 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to interpret a graph consisting of coordinates in the first quadrant.

Big Idea: What you input will give you your output!

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