Reflection: Lesson Planning GRAPHING our thinking in an ORGANIZED way - Section 3: Independent Learning


My class ran into some difficulties with both the amount of information on the internet and the higher level of writing that was on many of their searched sites.  To address this I had our tech person install an icon that led them to "child friendly" websites

I also have students raise a quiet hand when they find a good website and we write it on the board.     

  kid friendly websites
  Lesson Planning: kid friendly websites
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GRAPHING our thinking in an ORGANIZED way

Unit 9: Step-By-Step to Producing Amazing Research Presentations!
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...diagram an outline of the thesis statement, body paragraphs and closing paragraphs of their research paper.

Big Idea: Outlining our thinking helps us get our ideas in order!

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