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My goal during this lesson was to create a connection to be the math content and real world applications.  I try to do this as often as possible within a lesson but this lesson was a little more focused on exposing the relationship. 

Many times in everyday life we have to collect and organize information.  For example, as a staff we order pizza every other Friday.  We have created a table that shows how many pieces each person is ordering and what kind of pizza they are looking for.  Similarly, if my class is ordering t-shirts for an upcoming event, we have to know what sizes to order so we create a table with sizes and record the number of people requiring each different size.

There are definitely many real world applications to creating a table.  I hope that my students were able to see that this, along with other math content, is not just something they learn in the fifth grade and forget.  Instead, it is something they will utilize the rest of their life. 

  It's the Real Deal
  Real World Applications: It's the Real Deal
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Graphing: Making a Table

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 16 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to create a table in order to prepare for graphing points in the first quadrant.

Big Idea: Duck! Rabbit!

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