Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Coordinate Grid Task: Battleship - Section 1: Opener


As I begun this activity I was able to engage students because most of them had prior knowledge of the game Battleship.  Even if they hadn’t played it, they have seen it.  Not only did I engage the students in the upcoming activity, I also got them to see the game in a different way.  I don’t think any of the students had previously thought of the game as a simple coordinate grid.  When I put the game in the geometry context, the students were quickly able to see the connection and application of the mathematical concepts they were learning. 

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: I've Seen That
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Coordinate Grid Task: Battleship

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 15 of 22

Objective: The students will be to demonstrate and apply their knowledge of the coordinate grid system in a game of Battleship.

Big Idea: You sunk my battleship!

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