Reflection: Lesson Planning Coordinate Grid Task: Jumbo Grid - Section 2: Practice


Sometimes the space in the classroom can be a little limiting when you are trying to do an activity that requires students to have space to move around in.  Well, there is usually somewhere within the building or outside that is not being utilized that can be a quick substitute for classroom space. 

When planning for this lesson I made sure it was going to fall on a day that we did not have P.E. in the gym.  As long as I took the time to plan ahead a little, I was able to make this fun lesson come to life.

  Plan Ahead
  Lesson Planning: Plan Ahead
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Coordinate Grid Task: Jumbo Grid

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 14 of 22

Objective: The students will be able to identify and plot points within the first quadrant of the coordinate grid system.

Big Idea: Now that's one big coordinate grid!

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  40 minutes
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