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I have found that going over the rules of the iPads as we begin using them is always beneficial. It is easy to think that one time through the rules is all it takes, but with iPads I find the more times the better. Every time I use them students can show the need for a new rule that I didn't think about initially. Going over the rules often makes it easier to add new rules to the mix. It is a way to make sure that everyone understands the rules and gives you the structure to assure they are used correctly. 

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  Routines and Procedures: The Big Idea
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iPads All Day

Unit 14: iPad Lessons
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use their iPad to look up information and takes notes on during the school day.

Big Idea: iPads are a wonderful tool, but only when they are out and available to your students. This lesson is to help students understand some of the basic uses for their iPad during their day and also how to be successful with it as tool in all subjects.

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