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When it comes to the practice portion not all of your students will be ready to work independently. In this case I will pull these students aside and do more of the worksheet with them in a small group. I try to only work with them on a few and when I think that when they have a good grasp I leave them to work together in the group. Another way to have them practice is to pair them with a student who will help not tell them how to do the worksheet. 

Before I ever pair a student up,  I ask students who might want to be a peer helper and if they do  I set up a time for them to come in to get training. I do this at the beginning of  the year. They have lunch with me. I then model what a good helper does to help another student and also model what just giving answers looks like. 

  Changing it Up
  Students with Disabilities: Changing it Up
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Progressive Verbs a Gobbling

Unit 15: Holiday Lessons Throughout the Year
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to write progressive verbs and use verb tenses to tell when the action happened.

Big Idea: A fun way to practice progressive verbs and practice the correct tense to make your sentences make sense.

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English / Language Arts, Grammar and Mechanics, Writing, Reading, Progressive Verbs, Thanksgiving
  25 minutes
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