Reflection: Exit Tickets Question Everything...Reading Strategy Asking Questions - Section 4: Practice with Sticky Notes:


Once this is written, they will put it on the door. This is their "exit note" area.  I will pull them off later and use them as an assessment.  I will check both practicing questioning and the other strategy they have chosen to practice. This quick check gives me enough information to understand how many of my students understood the lesson and who might need further instruction. Exit notes are easier and quicker to assess. I can check immediately and even do a follow up lesson that day if needed.

  Quick Check Assessment
  Exit Tickets: Quick Check Assessment
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Question Everything...Reading Strategy Asking Questions

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT ask questions to clarify their reading and to help with their understanding of various texts.

Big Idea: Students often forget that asking questions during their reading can help them to understand what they are reading. It also sets them up for success when having to look of evidence because they pay better attention to the order and details.

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), Reading, Reading Strategies, questioning strategy, sticky notes
  40 minutes
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