Reflection: Intervention and Extension Biographies: Note-Taking - Section 3: Let's Practice Note-Taking


For the most part I was very impressed with the notes the students took during the Picasso story.  There were a few however that needed a little extra help.  During small groups, I walked the kids who needed some help through the book step by step and we decided what would be important information to include in our note and what would be ok to leave out.  

  Intervention and Extension: Intervention
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Biographies: Note-Taking

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
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Objective: SWBAT take notes while listening to a biography read aloud. They will also be able to take notes while reading "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" together as a class.

Big Idea: This lesson teaches students how to take notes by giving them an outline of key ideas to look for and also a place to put thoughts and ideas down as they read.

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English / Language Arts, non-fiction (Reading), biography, notes, informational text, Dr. Seuss, Picasso
  55 minutes
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