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We ran out of time to do anything significant with Persepolis today, so I decided to use what little time I had to focus on giving the kids 3 prompts instead of just 1. This is the very early stages of the workshop model I try to use in my class regularly, which means I don't have any student work to share, but I am excited to see which topic they choose to expand upon in upcoming writing workshops next week.

On a side note, I find with the first time you do writing like this in class, it helps the students to be more honest in their own work if you are open/honest with them too. I believe it is really important to take risks along side kids so that they feel more confident to take risks themselves. As such, I didn't actually write with them today, but I did verbally share an answer to one of the prompts. I picked something to share that was a little embarrassing, but also kind of funny, so that they could see me as a human who is also learning through life experiences right alongside them.

  Modeling: Quick Write Reflection
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How Does Historical Context Influence a Story and Other Burning Questions

Unit 2: Narrative Reading and Writing: Persepolis and Memoir
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the importance of using of specific details in memoir by comparing the story of the Iraqi bombing of Tehran as it appears in Persepolis and in a history source and then applying similar techniques in their own writing.

Big Idea: A skilled author uses historical details to ground his or her narrative. Asking students to identify how authors do this will help them to build skills for their own writing toolbox.

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