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Before using iPads I have learned a few helpful tips that you can do to prevent some headaches. Some of them might seem obvious, but we found the obvious was what missed and spent too much time on lessons and uses (the hard stuff). This goes to the set up of how you are going to use them.

In our school, we share a cart of iPads per grade level team. The first step was to come up with a schedule for who and when the teachers on my team would have them. This way lesson planning could be better structured. It was also helpful to know what each class was using them for. That way if a member on the team was using them for a research assignment or project, the rest of the team could be aware and be more flexible with cart time. 

It is also helpful to number the iPads. Each iPad should be in a protective case, and you can use a metallic marker (silver is best) to put a number on each iPad. Then you can assign a student to specific number. Each class should do this and that student will always get that iPad to work on. This is good for a couple of reasons. First, you will be able to track work and progress because only a specific number of students have access to that iPad. The other reason is so that if someone takes pictures, uses it incorrectly, or locks it you only have a few culprits to interview. 

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Taking Notes iPad Style

Unit 14: iPad Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT type in notes, pertaining to their reading, into the app Notes on their iPad.

Big Idea: Practice using technology is important and taking notes is a readiness skill. iPads can be very useful in how students stay engaged in their learning. This guided lesson uses the app Notes and students will type in bulleted notes from our reading material.

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