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I will be using the students writings to determine how well they understand and can determine cause and effect. After I have collected the paper, I ask the class to end with a student led discussion on what went well and what they learned about cause and effect. I ask them to give each other feedback on what went well in their pairs.  I also want them to include any warnings they can give their peers so they don't make that mistake next time. 

This discussion allows students to self evaluate. It not only helps them to talk about the skill cause and effect, but also determine the process of learning within their pair group. 

  Discourse and Assessment
  Student Self-Assessment: Discourse and Assessment
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Our Name is ....Cause and Effect

Unit 7: Columbus: Biography Discovery
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT to determine the cause and effect relationships developing in our biography study.

Big Idea: While reading, students are often not aware of the relationships that happen. It is not easy for them to pull out the cause and effect patterns within a text. In this lesson we use a text and students will work as partners to determine cause and effect.

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