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My students are very used to having someone call on them.  Sometimes that's nice.  In a discussion like this, where I don't want to insert myself into the dialogue, it's not so nice.  First hour kept looking at me during the discussion, even though I was very clear that this was their discussion and I was just there to observe and intervene if necessary. 


I asked them if they would feel better if one of them was given the task of calling on people.  This person would be the moderator.  They loved that idea and at least ten students wanted to be the moderator.  I chose Samantha, and she did great. I asked each class if they wanted one of them to 'call on people,' and each class gave me a resounding yes.  I was a bit surprised, but it makes sense.  I think it makes them feel safer, and that's one of the steps we have to take for students to feel comfortable enough to truly take ownership of a class discussion. 

  I'm Not Calling on Anyone
  Student Ownership: I'm Not Calling on Anyone
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The Discussion, Day 1

Unit 5: Developing Critical Thinking with Shared Inquiry and Socratic Circles
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to analyze themes, characters, and plot in "The White Umbrella" by citing evidence in a class discussion with student generated discussion questions.

Big Idea: Students construct meaning by discussing student-generated questions.

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