Reflection: Classroom Setup Library Center - Section 3: How Does This Center Change to Meet Students' Needs Throughout the Year?


This center is very comfortable for the students.  Not only do they love going to "lounge," but they also know that they can read 'their books that they like' when they are done with their work.  It is important to set high expectations here; I cannot express that enough.  Students should always know, especially at this center, what I expect from them.  Also, students should be able to come to this center to be challenged a bit- I don't give them "easy" stories to work on here!  Just because it looks cute doesn't mean it can't be filled with learning, as well!

  Changing this Center is Important
  Classroom Setup: Changing this Center is Important
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Library Center

Unit 3: Centers
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Objective: SWBAT identify the main topic and retell key details of a text with a partner.

Big Idea: Reinforce your weekly informational OR literature stories in centers!

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library center
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