Reflection: Accountability Follow Up: The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God - Section 3: Independent Reading


I gave students another firm talk about the importance of keeping up with the reading. I told them that this means that they will have additional homework over the Thanksgiving break. The homework is to make sure all information is filled in for 5 or 6 cards. They have been getting support during class to fill in the information in previous cards. They are going to be working on several cards at home on their own, but I am not worried. Even though many are behind in reading, I do get a sense that they have a good understanding of what they have actually read. I am confident that they will be able to finish 5 cards on their own during the break with few problems. When we get back from Thanksgiving break, I will set aside some time to give them the opportunity to ask for help with anything they were not able to finish on their own.

  The Importance of Keeping Up With Reading
  Accountability: The Importance of Keeping Up With Reading
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Follow Up: The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
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Objective: SWBAT identify specific examples in the text that reveal something significant about the main character's quest for autonomy by tracking significant events and analyzing them in a chart.

Big Idea: A quest for autonomy seldom follows a straight path.

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English / Language Arts, Quest for Autonomy
  40 minutes
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