Reflection: ELL Students A Pictures Says A Thousand Words - Section 3: Independent Practice


I adapted this lesson for my ELL and struggling students. I have these students mark P (for author’s perspective, or with these students, opinion) and I (for author’s influence) next to lines of text and illustrations in their books rather than filling out a chart. This gives them a means to use picture clues and connections to visual clues to help build understanding. Students make use of these memory aids:

author's oPinion = person feels (Opinion is an easier word than perspective for these students. The person here is the author.)

author's Influence = I feel

Previewing illustrations helps struggling readers in particular to grasp the concepts of author’s perspective and influence and allows them to move from the more literal meaning conveyed in illustrations to implicit meaning conveyed in the text.  These students may benefit from a small group peer response previewing activity. ELL students may have difficulty articulating their emotional responses to the illustrations. I often have them describe their feelings in writing, using short phrases such as “sad like crying” or “scared like shaking.”

See the video for their responses during the small group lesson.  

  Differentiation for ELL students and struggling readers
  ELL Students: Differentiation for ELL students and struggling readers
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A Pictures Says A Thousand Words

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
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Objective: SWBAT...understand how the author's perspective can influence readers by evaluating the introduction and illustrations found in "The Story of Ruby Bridges"

Big Idea: An author uses language and illustrations to influence the way readers think and feel about characters and events in a story.

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