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At the end of this lesson, I was struck by just how difficult it can be for some students to transpose one set of ideas onto another, similar set, specifically it was difficult for some students to see the pair-share as an expression of elements FROM film reviews that are translatable TO book reviews.  Many students did "get this" but more (than I thought would) did not.  I'm not sure what this says ... maybe students in "competitive" high school are "looking for right answers"?  

The point is simply that I believe, as we move forward, I will need to tease out the cross type (aka. film to book review) elements for students' learning.  

Also, as a technical point, I'm always pleased when I can type fast and accurate in front of students -- lots of "squiggles" makes me jumpy!  

Have fun with the lesson, but remember to provide adequate time for paired discussion AND insist on an "exit slip" (which will lend greater credibility to the small conversations.

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Writing to Evaluate: What are the Components of a Review?

Unit 5: Writing a Review
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the common components of a written review in order to begin outlining their own review.

Big Idea: writing to evaluate is an essential skill ...

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, evaluative writing, book review, film review
  45 minutes
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