Reflection: Accountability Edit Written Analysis of Feminism in Their Eyes Were Watching God - Section 2: Students Address Feedback To Improve Writing


A firm talk is necessary in my classroom periodically. Unfortunately, the academic culture at my school is not terribly rigorous. Students find it easy at times to not put in the necessary work demanded of rigorous eleventh grade curriculum. I address this situation with a combination of multiple sources of support and firm talks. It takes a bit, but by this time, students know that I am serious about the expectations I have set for them and that I will work at holding them accountable. It is important to push them to tackle challenging assignments because it is important for me to know what they understand and what they still need help with. For instance, the work they produced by the end of this period revealed that they are getting better at making accurate statements about the text, using analytical verbs and maintaining coherence. Their analysis can still be taken to a higher level of thinking, but we will continue working on that.

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  Accountability: A Firm Talk
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Edit Written Analysis of Feminism in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT edit their writing to further develop coherence and analysis of fiction texts by following feedback and guidelines.

Big Idea: Fighting the urge to give up when the task is challenging.

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English / Language Arts, analytical writing, Editing Writing
  55 minutes
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