Reflection: Essay Writing Exploring the Power of Allusion - Section 1: Collection of Narrative Final Drafts


As I read through a stack of processed essays, I generally keep a list of common errors my students make throughout their papers.  When the stack has been graded, I then compile the list as Writing Tips to distribute and review as a whole-group with my students on the day they receive their graded essays back.  

Whenever I return a set of essays, I make a ritual out of the process, sometimes taking up almost a whole class period.  I begin by giving each student a copy of Post-Essay Writing Tips, and reviewing each entry with them.  My students take notes down the right hand side of the handout as we discuss the theory behind each of the tips I have included.  Sometimes I will read a strong student essay out loud, or a portion of it, and sometimes I will reproduce sections of strong student essays, either as a handout or to simply display from my computer. 

Only after I have thoroughly reviewed what I felt necessary for the set of essays do I return the graded essays to my students.  Usually by this point, my students are very invested in seeing how they have scored, and in determining whether or not they were guilty of some of the errors highlighted throughout our review.

I find that this process helps to reignite the flame around the topic of an essay, especially since it takes me a week or two to grade a large set of processed essays, as we have most certainly moved on to new topics in the classroom.  More importantly, the process helps to maintain a level of care and seriousness around writing, which is an area of ongoing development in my classroom.

  Essay Writing: The Ritual of Returning Essays
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Exploring the Power of Allusion

Unit 4: House on Mango Street Part III
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify how two vignettes from The House On Mango Street utilize allusion by paralleling events from both the Bible and from Greek mythology.

Big Idea: Something seems familiar here: Students learn how allusion invites more into a text.

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