Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Impact of the Early Explorers - continued - Section 4: Closing the Loop


We wondered after this lesson if we should adapt the articles to make them easier to find because in both classes students had similar difficulties with identifying purpose and sponsors. We looked for better information and found some good sections in the textbook "History Alive" - solved one problem. To address the other with struggling students we decided that we needed to share more whole class and chart - the different purposes for explorations, the different countries that sent explorers and the different possible outcomes. This way they could use the chart as a reference after they read about each and then categorize them according to their goals ----great idea for a follow-up lesson!

  questioning the text complexity
  Adjustments to Practice: questioning the text complexity
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Impact of the Early Explorers - continued

Unit 7: Explorers of America
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT...define facts about early explorers to the Americas to determine the pros and cons of their adventures

Big Idea: Our country was created by people who believed in their dreams.

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