Reflection: Routines and Procedures Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Cause and Effect - Section 2: Swallowed a What?


I always love how you can be in the middle of a lesson that you think is going to be fabulous and about part way into it you realize that you missed something.

In this lesson, I had one of those moments. Students loved the book and were doing really great with it. However, I forgot to go over some ground rules for our story creating activity. So the lesson was going smooth as silk until one student said, "she fell in the toilet." I then realized that my story was about to get out of hand. Whenever one joker speaks up (cause), it results in the rest of the class to push the envelope (effect). Needless to say I had to put a stop to our story early, and go over the rules for the next time we play again.



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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Cause and Effect

Unit 3: Reading
Lesson 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT to determine and analyze cause and effect relationships between events that happened in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Big Idea: Fudge and Peter are great characters to analyze. The story has numerous cause and effect relationships that can be used for any leveled reader.

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