Reflection: Student Ownership Dewey Decimal system for ordering decimals - Section 5: A day at the library


This was a great tie in to this lesson on comparing and ordering decimals.  I was able to send some of the students to the library while others looked up non-fiction books on our school computer using the actual on line card catalog.  This was a great experience for the students as most had never even heard of the Dewey Decimal System.  Another added bonus, was that the students have been studying the Oceans in science and they were able to use this to help them locate books based upon their science project topic.  Using the Dewey Decimal System proved to be of high interest to the students. 

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Students worked on the 3 investigations to prove how they knew their books were in order.  Justifying their answers is a great way to implement MP3.


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This lesson is not a topic used in 6th grade, but I felt it needed to be covered because it sets them up for learning about adding and subtracting decimals.  

  Student Ownership: Fun at the library
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Dewey Decimal system for ordering decimals

Unit 4: Number Sense
Lesson 19 of 26

Objective: SWBAT to express decimal equivalents to compare and order decimals.

Big Idea: The Dewey Decimal System is used in libraries all around the world. The foundation of this system is based upon ordering decimals.

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