Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Making Sense of Remainders Day 3 - Section 2: Concept Development


The change of pace from sitting in chairs to being on the floor today was GREAT!  Even fourth graders need to be out of the seats on the floor!  Students still sat next to their learning partner, and conversed about problems, but it is definitely a different feel when they are all sitting in a circle right in front of me.



The one thing I would change about this series of lessons about making sense of remainders is that I would have focused on one strategy at a time. So, on the first day I would focus on a situation in which the remainder is dropped. The second day I would focus on situations in which the remainder is shared, and then then third day students would experience situation in which the remainder is rounded. By separating the strategies, students would have more opportunities to look at situations requiring them to use a specific skill. By not focusing on specific skill each day, students did have to really analyze and evaluate what they would do with the remainder.

  Day 3 Making Sense of Remainders
  Discourse and Questioning: Day 3 Making Sense of Remainders
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Making Sense of Remainders Day 3

Unit 4: Understanding Division and Remainders
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT investigate real world problems in which remainders are shared, dropped and rounded.

Big Idea: Students develop an understanding of remainders in real life situations.

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making sense of remainders
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