Reflection: Modeling I'm Freezing & Steaming!!-Write 2 Expository Paragraphs (Day 2 of 3) - Section 5: Students Take a Turn


I realized as students finished that there were grammatical errors in their writing. I reminded them one by one to reread and check for accuracy, but this is something I should have modeled originally. Here is how I prompted one student to reread to check for accuracy.  Next time I teach this lesson, I will model how to reread and fix errors in my own writing so students will do this independently.

It's often difficult when teaching about writing to help students focus on grammar as well as content. Second grade students typically have lots of great ideas, but are so focused on organization, sentence fluency and supporting ideas with examples that the grammar tends to suffer. My preference is to help them organize their ideas and then let their writing flow onto paper. We then shift to the revisions for grammar after their ideas are down.


  Modeling: Model how to reread and check for accuracy
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I'm Freezing & Steaming!!-Write 2 Expository Paragraphs (Day 2 of 3)

Unit 6: Writing with Main Idea and Supporting Details
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT complete 2 informational paragraphs by writing topic sentences, 3 supporting statements and concluding sentences.

Big Idea: Liquids to Solids & Liquids to Gases-Write to describe what happens.

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Writing, main idea, topic sentence, Writing Process, 2nd Grade, concluding sentence, key details
  55 minutes
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