Reflection: Real World Applications Who Really Discovered the Americas? - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


We were lucky in that on the news there have been debates regarding if Columbus really was the one who discovered the Americas and, if not, should we be celebrating this holiday?

This brought a real-life focus to the issue that really improved their efforts and results because they had buy-in with the purpose of their work. If you don't have a similar issue, maybe a you-tube video, a news article from an online paper or magazine, or even a speech by someone who disagrees would be a good way to get the same reaction from your students.  

  connections to real life
  Real World Applications: Connections to Real Life
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Who Really Discovered the Americas?

Unit 7: Explorers of America
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT...evaluate historical accounts of Christopher Columbus's voyages to determine if he was the first person to discover America

Big Idea: We can use research to compare and contrast different sources of information on a subject

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