Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation What is a Biography? - Section 3: What's a Biography? - Intro to Biography Unit


The students were not very excited about the idea of working on biographies for our next unit. They were not shy about voicing there lack of enthusiasm either.  I knew I needed to redirect this sinking ship or this would be a long, painful unit for all of us.  I channeled my inner drama queen and over exaggerated my enthusiasm for this unit and started giving them snippets of the exciting activities I have planned for this unit.  For example, with the biography reports we will be writing, the students will trace a partner's body outline on butcher paper.  We will cut them out, and paint them to be the person we are studying from our biography books. Another Activity that I used as a carrot dangling in front of them is that we will be creating iFunFace movies where we disguise ourselves as the person in our biography.  We will then create a movie about our biography character.

This helped turned the enthusiasm completely around.  They wanted to ask a million questions about the projects.  I limited the questions and told them that those activities will be coming very soon!

  Bolstering Enthusiasm for Biographies
  Intrinsic Motivation: Bolstering Enthusiasm for Biographies
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What is a Biography?

Unit 13: The Story of My Life - Biographies
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Objective: SWBAT define biography and autobiography.

Big Idea: In this lesson, we will introduce the students to our biography unit. We will be checking out biography books from the library which we will use throughout our unit.

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English / Language Arts, book report (Reading), non-fiction (Reading), biography, autobiography, informational text
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biography report outline worksheet
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