Reflection: Continuous Assessment Reading with Annotation Strokes for Information--not religion:King Solomon, The Magi, Queen of Sheba - Section 3: Application


As students were working on their annotations, I was circulating the room to see if they were really making sense of the ideas presented in the articles. It looked like a little workshop in my room--students were getting up to get dictionaries, asking each other questions, showing each other portions of the texts that they found important and extending their thinking by making connections to the articles and other interpretations of the topics. I'm not sure how the homework annotations will go because homework completion is underwhelming overall--to say the least--but the in-class annotations were a win!

  Effectiveness of Annotations
  Continuous Assessment: Effectiveness of Annotations
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Reading with Annotation Strokes for Information--not religion:King Solomon, The Magi, Queen of Sheba

Unit 6: Actions and Reactions
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Objective: SWBAT conduct a close reading of three informational texts by using a specific annotation strategy.

Big Idea: Students practice their "annotation strokes" by using an annotation palette while reading

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