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In the literature groups today, one of the questions asked to discuss was "How do we know Nora really cares for Mr. Myles?"  In the novel Seefolks, Nora is a nurse who cares for Mr. Myles-he has had several strokes and has given up on life.  While out on a walk one day, Nora pushes Mr. Myles in his wheelchair past the Gibb Street Garden.  Mr. Myles, is awakened by the beauty and inspired to live life again.  To encourage this-Nora purchases seed packets for Mr. Myles to plant. 

As I am walking around monitoring, I heard two students arguing over this question.  I was excited to hear the students become so patient in their thoughts and defend their thinking that I captured it on camera!

You will see two students debate their thoughts.  This demonstrates how effective literature groups can be in developing the skills to discuss, analyze, and even take ownership for their own reasoning.  It was a very effective tool in today's lesson!



  Student Ownership: Students Working
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Personify it!

Unit 4: Unit 2: Part II Elements of Fiction
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze text and determine the meaning of personification as it is used in writing.

Big Idea: Students bring emotions to life with personification!

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