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For this lesson I tried to think of a way to engage students in solving equations where the unknown was not always in the final position of the equation. This is important as students work problems that require them to add on or take apart, as is specified in the Common Core. If students can only set equations with the answer in the final position, they will have more trouble taking problems apart to solve them. 

I decided to cut out a magnifying glass to place where the missing number was needed. I told students they would be detectives and had to find the mystery number. The idea of working like detectives excited them and kept their attention on the process.

You could make a connection here to literature by reading Nate the Great to the class. Nate is a young boy who is a detective with his dog Sludge. Students can feel like they can be like Nate.

  Playing Detective
  Intrinsic Motivation: Playing Detective
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Missing Number Equations

Unit 6: Everything in Its Place
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Objective: SWBAT solve addition and subtraction equations presented in several formats such as a+b= c, c-b=a, a + ? = c. c - ?=a.

Big Idea: Students will become more comfortable making sense of equations presented in missing answer (traditional) and missing number ( nontraditional) formats.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Money, addition, subtraction, counting
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