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Online resources are so vast and easy to access that you never want to turn your back on them.  There are many that you may find, whether it be on, YouTube, or individual blogs, that are not well thought out, but on the flip-side there are so many valuable ones. The key is to read them or watch them in their entirety, before you actually use them. Accidents happen and technology does not always cooperate.  It is very easy for files to get mixed up, hacked, or be linked to improper material. My advice is to take your time in selecting the worthy online materials and use them, use them. Remember a teachers job is to beg, borrow, or steal to gain curriculum. So, if it works use it! Start now and go check out my favorites list in the resource section.

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Addition Doubles

Unit 3: Addition Strategies
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve addition doubles facts fluently.

Big Idea: Double the Fun! The more addition facts first graders can memorize, the faster they can solve more complicated equations. Using visual representations can help children memorize the facts.

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Math, First Grade, doubles facts, addition, adding, YouTube
  35 minutes
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