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I am fortunate that my district has provided each secondary student with their own gmail account and access to a Google Drive.  This is an amazing resource for our students to use.  They can use applications that are similar to and compatible with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel free at home (The Google equivalents are Docs, Presentations, and Spread Sheets) 

No only do they have access to their work at home, they can also collaborate with other students from the comfort of their homes.  Speaking as a Mom, it is such as great thing to know that my son can get his group project done without me having to drive him all over town!

If you have the ear of any of the technology movers and shakers in your district, have a discussion about Google Apps for your students, and see if you can put this powerful tool to use for your students.


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Writing is Collaborative

Unit 10: A Literary Analysis of Tom Sawyer
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT interact and collaborate with others by sharing and commenting on their essays.

Big Idea: Using peer feedback to improve your writing.

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