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At the beginning of every year, I promise my students three things.  The first thing I promise them is that if they try their very best every day and complete all their assignments, they won't fail.  The second thing I promise them is that I won't ever teach them something they won't need as a grown up and I will always show them how what I'm teaching them applies to grown up life.  The final thing I promise my students is that if they already know something I won't make them sit through my teaching of it.  

To keep true to my third promise, I pre test every standard.  Pretesting allows me to exempt certain kiddos from the unit I'm teaching if they already understand it.  In any unit if I don't have a lot of students test out then I carefully watch progression of skills and right before the post test, I give some opportunity for those kids to test out of the post test.  I know as an adult, I hate sitting through meetings or classes going over what I already know so I won't do that to my students.  It gives them a chance to learn other things, review past concepts or dig deeper into some unit of study we're working on or have worked on.

In today's case, I allowed my my students who tested out to continue researching for a science project they were working on, but it could really be anything.  I am sure to pre plan their activity so it's relevant and meaningful and not just busy work or play time.  

  Reflection: Allowing Kids to "Test Out"
  Intervention and Extension: Reflection: Allowing Kids to "Test Out"
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That's a Wrap: Main Idea Post Assessment

Unit 10: What It's All About: Exploring Main Idea and Supporting Details
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Objective: SWBAT read a piece of nonfiction text and identify the main idea and supporting details in a well written paragraph.

Big Idea: Determining the author's main idea and identifying supporting details aids in comprehension of all texts.

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