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My district has embarked on an exciting new adventure with the AVID program, and there aren't enough hours in the day for me to explain how much I am in LOVE with everything that AVID does.

For this lesson in particular,  my AVID training has been especially helpful.  I attended their training conference in San Diego in 2012 where I learned how to create high-level writing prompts, among other things.  The writing prompt I created for this unit comes from their suggested structure.

According to AVID, a good writing prompt has 3 parts:


A sentence that makes a generalization about the text and is related to the writing prompt.

A sentence or two that asks students to make a personal connection to the subject matter or invites analysis, and/or gives them a question to answer.

Any specific directions about the form of the writing, the length, or any qualifiers (e.g., "Be sure to use evidence from the text")

(The Write Path English Language Arts: Exploring Texts with Strategic Reading, Avid Press, 2012, pg. 230)


This guideline is my go-to for creating writing prompts.  Feel free to give it a shot when you create your next writing assignment!

  What goes into a prompt?
  Performance Tasks: What goes into a prompt?
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What Does the Evidence Reveal?

Unit 10: A Literary Analysis of Tom Sawyer
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT plan a literary analysis essay by creating an outline to include evidence and warrants.

Big Idea: Have YOU changed your mind about lying since meeting Tom Sawyer?

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