Reflection: Rules and Consequences Independence While Using the Internet - Section 2: Active Engagment


It was very hard for me to let students independently research on the internet because I know how easily distracted they can be (well anyone can be really, just as I was typing this lesson, I checked my email twice!). More importantly, students need to become independent researchers without hand holding. This is very important for their academic future in 8th grade and beyond; this is why the Common Core has standards for research. 

However, I told them if I saw them on a website that did not relate to their research they would come in for lunch and we would go over this lesson again. I caught one student and after I gave him lunch detention, the rest of them did not even try! The student and I worked together at lunch which always helps me build relationships anyhow. 

  Reflection on Management of this Active Engagement
  Rules and Consequences: Reflection on Management of this Active Engagement
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Independence While Using the Internet

Unit 4: Research Essay
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Objective: SWBAT will research the topic of their choosing by gathering relevant information from multiple digital sources, using search terms effectively and assessing the credibility and accuracy of each source.

Big Idea: “To find yourself, think for yourself.”- Socrates

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