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My students’ 3-2-1 assessments give me some great student feedback. The 3-things they have learned tell me what students feel comfortable with and is always interesting to see what they think they’ve learned: Closure, 3 things you learned. The 2-things they are still unsure of help me to guide the upcoming review day: Closure, 2 questions you still have. The 1 random thing students tell me is always interesting. Some are positive, some are negative, and most are very random. I always have the most fun reading these: Closure, 1 thing you want me to know.

  Student Feedback: Students' Closures
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Experts on Exponential Equations

Unit 5: Logarithmic Functions and Equations
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT solve exponential equations using inverses and graphing.

Big Idea: Student teams become experts on one approach to solve an exponential or logarithmic equation and present the method to the class.

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Math, Relations and Functions, logarithmic function, solving exponential equations with logarithms, natural logarithm, common base logarithm, review lesson, jigsaw lesson, reteaching
  40 minutes
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