Reflection: Student Ownership Supporting a Claim in the Story "Gaston" - Section 3: Writing Connection


While students were circulating around the room reading each other's claims and supporting evidence, something amazing happened!  The students, without prompting from me and totally on their own free will, started discussing the story and debating the validity of the claims!  I think seeing their classmates ideas which may be different from their own really caused them to reflect.  I had students change their mind about their own claims because of compelling evidence that other students offered.  I have been working with my students on offering meaningful feedback to their peers, and it hasn't been pretty.  This was the first time that the majority of my students gave thoughtful constructive feedback!  Something about all this evidence floating around in their heads gave them ideas and they were able to give real, reflective comments!  It was great to see the good old RL1 in action!

  Surprise Moment of Awesomeness!
  Student Ownership: Surprise Moment of Awesomeness!
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Supporting a Claim in the Story "Gaston"

Unit 9: "Gaston"
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT support a claim in the story "Gaston"using textual evidence.

Big Idea: Which claim is the best?

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