Reflection: Trust and Respect The Final Countdown: One Last Chance to Practice - Section 2: The Chance to Show What You Know


In my classroom, I often put students work under the ELMO name uncovered looking to show students places where they can improve.  I feel it is important for students to see their work and hear it being evaluated by others.  In my experience it has led to more reflection and checking work for accuracy.  I want my students to become reflective learners and to have some pride in the work they are turning in now and in the future.

This cannot happen overnight, however.  Being able to have students open up in this way takes careful cultivation of classroom culture and relationships.  Students who are evaluating know that in comparing another's work to the standard set forth is an important job to help their friends learn.  They hold their job in high esteem and there is no laughing or teasing.  The person being evaluated must understand that their classmates are helping them to be more successful and if they feel uncomfortable with the quality of their work then next time they will work to produce work that they can be proud of.


  Reflection: Showing Student Work
  Trust and Respect: Reflection: Showing Student Work
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The Final Countdown: One Last Chance to Practice

Unit 10: What It's All About: Exploring Main Idea and Supporting Details
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read a nonfiction text and pull out the main idea and supporting details.

Big Idea: Identifying what a text is mostly about aids in comprehension of all text types and structures.

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