Reflection: Joy Raymond's Run: Girls vs. Boys - Section 1: Pre-reading


This part of the lesson went so well and was so much fun!  I had one girl, who never says "boo" yell out that we should do this more often!  I think it worked because the questions were high interest and really relevant to the life of a 6th grader.  They were able to discuss their opinions and share out (which they love to do).  One thing I did not anticipate but really should have is that most groups didn't reach full consensus about anything!  I ended up telling them to give my a quick summary of what was said at their table and write it in the circle.  Occasionally, a group would agree, but many times it was boys against girls which the kids had a great time with!  I love this consensus map strategy though.  Everyone has to participate, and it seems that my students are really taking each others opinions into consideration.  

  Pre-reading Reflection
  Joy: Pre-reading Reflection
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Raymond's Run: Girls vs. Boys

Unit 7: "Raymond's Run"
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT think critically about the theme and actively read Raymond’s Run.

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