Reflection: Checks for Understanding Juice Bar Problem Solving - Section 4: Student Practice


Upon reflecting on student understanding during this lesson, most students were able to solve most of the word problems within a partner-learning situation. Below are examples of proficient student work on each problem.

  1. Proficient Problem #1
  2. Proficient Problem #2
  3. Proficient Problem #3
  4. Proficient Problem #4
  5. Proficient Problem #5
  6. Proficient Problem #6
  7. Proficient Challenge Problem


Here, a student is Nearing Proficient Problem #3. She incorrectly found that Cindy would need to add 6 cups to 96 ounces to get to one gallon. However, it is clear that the student understands that 128 ounces are in one gallon, which is a step in the right direction.

I also wanted to include an example of a student Growing from Near Proficient to Proficient. This student arrived at two answers when solving this problem. After rereading the question, the student realizes her mistake, changes her answer, and provides evidence of proficiency. 

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection
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Juice Bar Problem Solving

Unit 2: Measuring Capacity
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve word problems involving customary capacity units.

Big Idea: Mathematically proficient students can apply their understanding of measurement concepts to solve problems arising in everyday life.

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