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One common mistake that students were doing, multiplying the percent by the dollar amount in hopes to find the discount.  We are now using scientific calculators.  These calculators have the second function ability to place the percent into the calculator without needing to convert the percentage to a decimal.  Many students keyed in $67.00 - 28%.  I had to go back and have them write in their interactive notebooks that this was a big no, no.  We put a big star by the equation and made sure to highlight that you must convert the percentage to a dollar amount by multiplying before you subtract when finding the sale cost. 

  Discount vs. Sale Price and a Common Mistake to beware of!
  Real World Applications: Discount vs. Sale Price and a Common Mistake to beware of!
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Discount (Lesson two in lesson progression)

Unit 3: Proportional Reasoning with Percents
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT solve real world problems involving discounts through translating text into computational equations.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy translating text into math language that will deepen their understanding in solving real world problems involving discounts.

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