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If you haven't tried using board games with vocabulary words you should!  I am in a unique situation as a teacher.  I teach the English portion of two different classes.  This year, I had an overabundance of volunteers for the morning to help with my small reading groups.  In the afternoon, no one could come.  During the first quarter, I was able to start right into reading groups because I had the crew in place.  In the afternoon, I had to train them to be independent.  As a result, I used the vocabulary games that I talked about in the lesson plan in the morning, and in the afternoon, we didn't start until 2nd quarter.  The difference in their first quarter vocabulary grades was astounding!!!  The morning class did FAR better than the afternoon conferences.  Most of the afternoon class had very low vocab scores.  Not that we didn't go over and practice vocabulary words in class in traditional ways with the afternoon, the only difference was that we did not play the vocab games in the afternoon.  I am sold!  They are highly engaging and they definitely boost vocab scores.

  Vocabulary Game Review
  Joy: Vocabulary Game Review
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Close Read: A Day's Work - Vocabulary

Unit 9: Close Read - A Day's Work
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT expand their vocabularies while learning the vocabulary words within "A Day's Work" and "The Boy who cried Bigfoot"

Big Idea: Today students are going to think they are playing games when really they are learning vocabulary words!!

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